Jane Darcy Mini Novel!

Calling all sleuths and amateur detectives!

While we wait for the coming of Christmas at Donner’s Pass; you won’t want to miss out on Jane Darcy’s hair-raising, nail-biting Mini-Novel here in the Miss Clue News!
Revealed week by week, beginning this Sunday the 2nd, at eleven o’clock Central Time!

When Jane Darcy visits her childhood chum, Margaret Sullivan for the summer; she encounters a mystery, that leads her on a suspenseful adventure.
What dangers will befall Jane Darcy, and will she be able to crack the case before it’s too late?

It’s up to you, detectives; to pick up your magnifying glass, stock up on your favorite sleuthing snacks and be prepared for some deep thinking!
Stay tuned for what’s to come; an adventure of a lifetime!

Leading up to the release of Christmas at Donner’s Pass, there will be weekly posts about Jane Darcy’s story, with small interactive elements!

Miss Clue Team