Mrs. Danforth’s Powdered Ghosts!

There is a lot of research that goes into every scene and puzzle in Miss Clue, just like one of Mrs. Danforth’s recipes, each ingredient is important! One puzzle in particular, which was used in Secret of the Haunted Garden, was the Caramel Apple Dunking Puzzle!

Mrs. Danforth specializes in baking for the holidays; and delights her trick or treaters with hand-baked cookies and candies each Halloween. If we take a closer look at Mrs. Danforth’s seasonal cookbook, there’s a recipe called “Powdered Ghosts“, which is written down as a little messy, but ghoulishly tasty!

Click on the image to look closer!

We hope you enjoy Mrs. Danforth’s very own Powdered Ghosts recipe!  Try a batch and relax as you solve a hair-raising Miss Clue or fill out a mystery Crossword!

Happy Sleuthing!