Christmas At Donner Pass Coming December 2021!

Shudder as you solve the latest Miss Clue Mystery:

Christmas at Donner Pass!

Coming Christmas 2021!

A simple vacation turns into a desperate search for what lies behind the history of the house on Donner Pass road…

A child’s scream awakens Jane Darcy to the long forgotten horrors surrounding Christmas at Donner Pass!

On a trail of evil that stretches across the centuries, Jane finds herself drawn into an ancient mystery that she must either solve or become lost in forever.

Can the past be changed, or is Jane Darcy’s fate doomed to follow those who have perished before in the Sierra Nevada Mountains?

Terror and violence share the spotlight before the final clue exposes a desperate evil!

Can the past reach out to destroy the present?

Find out in a Christmas you’ll never forget, as experienced only at Donner Pass!

Stay tuned for Jane Darcy in:

Christmas at Donner Pass!

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